Murray Ridge construction

Murray Ridge construction

As part of the traffic mitigation for the Civita (formerly Quarry Falls) development in Mission Valley, Sudberry Properties (the developer) is installing traffic signals along Murray Ridge Road at Pinecrest, Mission Center Road, and the northbound ramp to I-805.

The installation of the signals at Mission Center and Pinecrest is scheduled to occur from July 5 to September 26:

Install Conduit & Traffic Signal Equipment                             7/12 – 8/22
Replace Pedestrian Ramps                                                          8/23 – 9/8
Install Traffic Signal Poles                                                              9/13 – 9/22
Stripe & Signs                                                                                    9/21 – 9/22
Signoff                                                                                                  9/26

For more information, please contact the Serra Mesa Planning Group.

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