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Serra Mesa Website Updated

This website redesign corrected some technical issues, improves functionality, and includes webpages for other community organizations. Most of the major Serra Mesa community organizations provide information about their organization and community events on this website.

Ruffin Canyon Enhancement

San Diego Canyonlands is sponsoring workshops to discuss the Ruffin Canyon Enhancement Project (a trail from Serra Mesa to Mission Valley). For more information, go HERE. If you are interested in this item, the best way to keep informed is to Sign Up for Serra Mesa notices. The Serra Mesa Community Council will send out an email notice when the next workshop is scheduled.

Taft Joint Use Project

A joint use park on the south side of Taft Middle School, 9191 Gramercy Drive, will be constructed with fees from Broadstone Corsair, the development at the corner of Aero and Sandrock. When school isn’t in session the park is open to the general public. Possible amenities for the 4.7 acre project include natural turf sports fields, accessibility upgrades, fitness stations, tennis courts, a track, and a parking lot. There was community interest in adding a small cement stage to the site (e.g., could be used for concerts). In July 2016 the Serra Mesa Park & Recreation Council voted to approve the joint use project concept to include a stage. The architect is working on the final plans for presentation to the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Board for review and approval, possibly in December 2016. The views of Ruffin Canyon and the surrounding area from this park should be awesome!