SMPG Documents

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The City of San Diego posts the agendas and minutes for the Serra Mesa Planning Group HERE.


SMPG March 2022 Agenda (includes online link for meeting)

SMPG Comments on CPG Reform for February 2022 Agenda

Sprint Cell Support Document for May 2021 Agenda

SMPG September 2020


SMPG October 15, 2020

SMPG January 16, 2020

SMPG September 17, 2020

Annual Reports

The annual report of the Serra Mesa Planning Group summarizes accomplishments, objectives, and actions on projects and policy matters addressed within the previous year. Past reports can be downloaded from this page.

SMPG Annual Report 2020-2021

SMPG Annual Report 2018-2019
SMPG Annual Report Feb 2015-2016
SMPG Annual Report Feb 2014-2015