SMCC logoThe Serra Mesa Community Council (SMCC) is a volunteer organization that works toward the improvement of the Serra Mesa Community. The Serra Mesa Community Council holds monthly meetings that provide information to the community and act as a forum for identifying and solving community problems. Elected representatives or their staff attend most SMCC meetings, and can research and respond to issues that arise at the meetings. SMCC meetings are held the fourth Wednesday in January, March, May, and September at the Serra Mesa / Kearny Mesa Library on Aero Drive.

The Serra Mesa Community Council sponsors many community activities and events.  Its goals include:

  • Ensure a continued quality of life and to respond to community needs for the betterment of Serra Mesa
  • Provide information to the Serra Mesa Planning Group regarding the Serra Mesa Community Plan (planning, updating, and zoning enforcement)
  • Save open space and improve our parks
  • Limit traffic congestion, support public transportation and pedestrian safety
  • Protect our community (law enforcement, crime prevention, liaison with Neighborhood Watch groups)
  • Respond to social concerns
  • Act as a channel for information and/or communication between the community and agencies such as city, county, state, and federal departments and service providers. SMCC will advise these agencies concerning the wishes and needs of the community
  • Provide a forum for discussion of community issues and take action on those issues

SMCC Meeting Agendas

SMCC General Meeting Agenda for March 26, 2024

SMCC Documents

SMCC Bylaws