The Serra Mesa Community Plan was originally adopted in 1977 and encompassed the current Kearny Mesa Community Plan area north of Serra Mesa and the north slopes of Mission Valley to the south. In 1986, Kearny Mesa separated from Serra Mesa. The Kearny Mesa Community Plan adopted in 1992 includes Aero Drive and the area north of it; the commercial, office, and retail areas on Afton and Ruffin Road; and the Stonecrest area south of Aero Drive. The exception is the Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Library on Aero Drive which is located on Parks & Recreation land and included as part of Serra Mesa.

In addition, the sand and gravel extraction sites and adjacent properties were separated from the Serra Mesa planning area and incorporated into the Mission Valley Community Plan in 1985. There have been several subsequent amendments to the Serra Mesa Community Plan, the most recent in May 2000, which was principally related to the zoning of open space areas.

After the mid-1980’s the SMPG became inactive. In April 1992 the group reformed and was recognized by the City Council. Subsequently, SMPG has diligently represented the interests of the community with City staff and at Planning Commission and City Council hearings.

The City Planning and Community Investment website for Serra Mesa contains a wealth of information, including:

  • the complete Serra Mesa Community Plan
  • the Serra Mesa Public Facilities Financing Plan, which “sets forth the major public facilities needs in the areas of transportation (streets, storm drains, traffic signals, etc.), libraries, park and recreation facilities, and fire stations).”
  • Demographic Information
  • Maps showing the City’s determination of existing conditions in Serra Mesa for Land Use, Historic and Cultural Resources, Public Facilities and Services, Parks and Open Space, Transportation, Transit and Bicycle Routes.
  • Archives of past SMPG meeting agendas