• Don’t we need this road for emergencies?
    No, we don’t.  There is an emergency/fire road from Civita (Quarry Falls) to Kaplan Drive in the Phyllis Place/Abbots Hill neighborhood already designed into the Civita Specific Plan.  That emergency road gets built with or without the Phyllis Place connection.  The Kaplan Drive emergency road is a much better path for emergency vehicles, since it is at a 1 to 2% slope, compared to the 11% slope planned for the Phyllis Place connector.
  • What about the park at the top of the hill?
    There will be a six acre community park along Phyllis Place at the top of the hill overlooking Civita and Mission Valley, including bicycle and walking paths connecting Serra Mesa to the amenities in the Civita community.  If the Phyllis Place connector is built, the park will be divided by a four lane road with almost 26,000 cars per day.
  • Who is this road good for?
    The theory is that it takes traffic out of Mission Valley and shifts it up into Serra Mesa.  The reality is that, for Civita (Quarry Falls), this road isn’t really good for anyone.  But it frees up some future capacity in Mission Valley that could be used to build more projects in Mission Valley, so perhaps it is good for developers.  (See Traffic for more information.)
  • Who is this road bad for?
    This road is bad for everyone living in Civita, who will have a lot more cars driving through their neighborhood.  It is bad for everyone living in Serra Mesa, who will have a lot more cars driving through our neighborhood.  And it is bad for everyone living in San Diego, who will have to deal with a lot more traffic concentrated on I-805, rather than diffused over all of the area freeways.  (Again, see Traffic for more information.)
  • What can I do?
    Get involved in the EIR process, come to SMPG meetings, and make your voice heard at City Council.  See the What Now page, and sign up for the Serra Mesa mailing list on the right.