The Serra Mesa Community Council organized a petition drive in support of a Fresh and Easy grocery store at the Rancho Serra Mesa shopping center (where the CVS is, and there used to be a Henry’s).  The chain of neighborhood grocery stores has reached an agreement with the Center’s owners, but CVS can block the deal under its contract.  SMCC rounded up community support through an online and on-paper petition drive to show CVS that Serra Mesans will shop at both a grocery store and a drug store in the same shopping center.

The grocery store petition drive is now closed.  We gathered 1,708 online signatures and 1,960 paper signatures!

Thanks to everyone who responded. A special thanks goes to all of those volunteers who went door-to-door or who contacted their friends and neighbors collecting additional signatures.

The results of this petition drive have been shared with an owner of the Rancho Serra Mesa shopping center. The owner was very impressed by the outpouring of community support for obtaining a Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market and will proceed with CVS negotiations. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear the outcome.

Thank you!