Are We Ready for A Farmer’s Market on the Mesa?                 

Can Serra Mesa support a farmers market, an event that occurs once-a-week where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, honey, and meats directly from local farmers? Farmers markets can also feature locally made arts and crafts along with entertainment by musicians and other performers from the community.

A group of Serra Mesa residents is working on establishing a farmers market and is surveying the community to see if there is sufficient interest and support. Please take just a couple minutes to fill out this questionnaire:

You will also have the chance to provide your contact information if you would like to get involved (We will not share any of your contact info and we will not use it for any marketing purposes).

A farmers market is not meant to be a substitute for a grocery store, but it can provide us with fresh fruits and veggies, a fun place to gather and socialize, and help improve our community in the meantime.

Please send any questions or comments to:

Visit and “like” the Serra Mesa Farmers Market Facebook page: