San Diego Unified School District is beginning construction on the whole site modernization project at Taft Middle School this month. During this project, you may see and hear work associated with site preparation and construction. The following information describes the project, and outlines some of the construction activities.


Project:  The whole site modernization project includes the installation of a new 10-foot ornamental fence in front of the school, improvements to parking and the student pick-up/drop-off area, with the addition of a new parking lot and pick-up/drop off area on the west side of campus. The administration office will be relocated to Building 100W. Building interiors will have the finishes/fixtures repaired, replaced or upgraded as necessary. Performance spaces will have the stage curtains and the stationary stage replaced as necessary. Lockers for the boys’ and girls’ physical education building 900 will be replaced. The food services area will be renovated with new self-service kiosks and new finishes. Accessibility will be improved with repairs and/or renovations to classrooms, labs and restrooms.

Additionally, aging wiring will be repaired or replaced, as well as exit/emergency lights and the intercom system will be repaired or restored. Other as-needed repair/replacement projects include heating and ventilation exhaust fans in restrooms, sidewalks and deteriorating plumbing and sewer lines.


What to expect:  Heavy equipment will be used during trenching and parking expansion on the west side of school, and the student walking path may be rerouted temporarily. The construction activities and workers will be separated from the rest of the campus, and adjacent properties will be separated by fencing. Our contractors will do their best to limit noise, dust and disruptions associated with this project.

Construction is by nature a disruption we tolerate to improve school facilities for the future, and we appreciate your patience while this project is underway. When the whole site modernization project is finished, the upgrades to Taft Middle School will benefit the students and the community for years to come.


Completion:  Construction is expected to be completed during summer of 2017.

When a project is complete, often there’s a dedication ceremony and/or open house. Should such an event be scheduled, and you would like an invitation, please send your name, e-mail address and phone number to Also, please indicate that you are interested in Taft Middle School’s event.

This project is part of the district’s capital improvement program funded by Propositions S and Z, which were passed by voters in 2008 and 2012 respectively. For more project details, please visit (scroll down to “Project Schedules”) or contact Alonso Casas, project manager, by phone at 858-573-5839 or by e-mail at

Download the official letter from SDUSD with these details