Taft Middle School construction

San Diego Unified School District is beginning construction on the whole site modernization project at Taft Middle School this month. During this project, you may see and hear work associated with site preparation and construction. The following information describes the project, and outlines some of the construction activities.   Project:  The whole site modernization project includes the installation [...]

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November SMPG/SMCC Mettings consolidated on the 19th

Just a quick notice: this month's SMCC meeting has been cancelled, and will be held concurrently with the SMPG meeting on November 19th. Not also the venue change: the Planning Group and Community Council will be meeting together at City View Church (8404 Phyllis Place) rather than at the library as usual.

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Wegeforth Joint Use Park

The Wegeforth Joint Use Park will be used by students when school is in session. The community will have access when school isn't in session. Construction is expected to be completed in December 2015. The park is primarily being funded by fees collected from the Mirabella multifamily housing development located on Kearny Villa Road adjacent [...]

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Serra Mesa Farmer’s Market Survey

Are We Ready for A Farmer's Market on the Mesa?                  Can Serra Mesa support a farmers market, an event that occurs once-a-week where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, honey, and meats directly from local farmers? Farmers markets can also feature locally made arts and [...]

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