The City of San Diego has initiated an amendment to the Serra Mesa Community Plan for the purposes of adding a road connection between the internal roads in the Civita (Quarry Falls) development in Mission Valley and Phyllis Place in Serra Mesa.

This map shows where the proposed road would go.  Only the segment circled in yellow is up for debate — all of the other roads, as well as all of the Civita development (4,780 residential units and 900,000 sqft of commercial/retail/office), have already been approved by City Council.  (You may download the map as a higher-resolution PDF.)

The Serra Mesa Planning Group has taken an official position opposing the Phyllis Place road connection, after extensive public discussions at its meetings in which the community expressed overwhelming opposition to the connection. The SMPG voted against the road connection after a thorough analysis of the traffic study and other impacts showed the connection would worsen traffic flow and overall commute times in Serra Mesa and Mission Valley. The detailed SMPG statement is available for download as a PDF in three parts: the main report, the Analysis of Quarry Falls Traffic Impact Study, and the tables from the traffic study.  You can also find some of those reasons on the History and Traffic pages on this website.

The current Serra Mesa Community Council board has not taken a position on the road connection. SMCC’s focus is on ensuring Serra Mesa’s interests are represented and addressing community concerns. Consequently, SMCC presented this letter to staff at the Notice of Preparation meeting for the Environment Impact Report for the Franklin Ridge Road extension.

Please also take a minute to visit the What Now and the Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information.  If you have more questions, or if you disagree with the Serra Mesa community’s position, please come to the Planning Group meetings and/or email the Chair of the SMPG Quarry Falls subcommittee, James Feinberg.